Top 2013 Indonesia Market Trends Revealed: eCommerce, Mobile and Social Sectors Skyrocketing

Indonesia is “Asia’s Next Big Opportunity”, according to a report released this year by the Boston Consulting Group. Its middle class is projected to double to 141 million consumers by 2020 and economists forecast a growth rate of 6-7% for each of the next five years. The combination of a stable political climate, a robust domestic economy and a young population (the average age is 25) explains why business leaders agree: Indonesia is now an economy that companies cannot ignore.

Mobile Drives eCommerce Growth

The eCommerce industry is still at an early stage in Indonesia compared to developed markets. But the country is catching up fast: In fact, Indonesia is the fastest growing eCommerce market in the world and the sector’s value is projected to reach $10bn in 2015. Indonesian consumers mainly use the internet to make purchases in the categories of fashion, travel, entertainment and electronics.

Scroll down to view our presentation that explores the 3 key drivers of this growth:

  • Increasing internet penetration: The number of internet users is projected to treble to 149 million within the next two years.
  • The huge popularity of social media: 9 out of 10 Indonesian internet users regularly use a social network. No wonder Jakarta is the most active city on twitter in the world.
  • The mobile-first nature of the sector: Most of the new web users in Indonesia will access the internet through their mobile phones. And while smartphone penetration is increasing, a majority of 86% use feature phones.

How to Reach the Indonesian Consumer

While Indonesia’s economy represents an undeniable opportunity, the country’s rapidly growing middle class is very different in nature to consumers in markets with similar demographics.

If you want to successfully market your product or service to Indonesian consumers you must go beyond desk research and data analysis. The only way to learn what will work or not for your product is to go direct to the source: Ask Indonesian consumers yourself.

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Liked the presentation? Sharing is caring! Here are some key stats you can tweet:

The number of middle class consumers in Indonesia will double by 2020.

2.4% of the world’s tweets come from the capital of Indonesia.

Indonesia is projected to double internet penetration within the next two years.

Did you know that Indonesia is the fastest growing eCommerce market in the world?

How mobile surveys can help you understand your target market:


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